Developed in Cooperation With Law Enforcement Since 2008, InstantAmber Has Enabled Parents & Law Enforcement To Locate Missing Children Faster.

"Time is of the essence in a missing child case and the InstantAmber system gives the police immediate information on the child."

Chris McDonough
Homicide Detective

"InstantAmber is an invaluable resource that no parent should be without."

Pattie Fitzgerald Patty Fitzgerald
Founder, Safely Ever After

"InstantAmber is a nationally acclaimed service that helps parents prepare for the unthinkable...we look forward to bringing the important InstantAmber message to My Gym families nationwide."

Cory Bertisch - MyGym Cory Bertisch
CEO, MyGym

"InstantAmber's breakthrough technology and the comprehensive life-saving educational initiatives they support provide parents with the most pro-active approach to preparedness ever known..."

Douglas Sebastian - Founder, KinderVision Douglas Sebastian
Founder, KinderVision

"The components that InstantAmber has in place may not prevent an abduction, but having the vital information needed to bring a missing loved one home quickly is just as important as being prepared."

Michelle Bart - Helping Heroes / National Vigil for Hope Michelle Bart
Founder, Helping Heroes

"InstantAmber is a welcome addition to our campaign. They provide a vast array of resources to parents and help increase the chances of locating a missing child.."

Stacie Rumenap Stacie Rumenap
Director, Stop Child Predators

"InstantAmber effectively uses technology to offer parents an easy, affordable tool for keeping their children safer. It's preventative medicine against a missing child tragedy."

Joel Clingenpeel Joel Clingenpeel, MD
Child Safety House Calls

"Protecting your child is a parents first priority, InstantAmber offers a simple, inexpensive way to take a first step to making sure your child is protected."

Stuart Day Stewart Day
Nashville Parent Magazine

"We look forward to bringing the important InstantAmber message to Stroller Strides participants nationwide."

Lisa Druxman Lisa Druxman

"...if an incident does occur getting the proper information to law enforcement is of utmost importance. InstantAmber is a vehicle with which to accomplish this..."

Kenneth Neu - FBI, Retired Kenneth Neu
FBI, Retired